A delicate balance of Structural Design and Engineering can help you to achieve greatness.  Whether it’s a New Construction project or one of our many intricate Renovations – The DaVinci Group are the specialists you want on the job!

The DaVinci Group, LLC also offers Structural Inspections & Evaluations – as well as Reports & Analysis.

As an added service, we specialize in providing designs for Structural Lifting & Building Moving.  Please take a look at the video provided below to see the amazing work we’re capable of!

In this instance, we are moving a historic mansion in the city of Chicago.  As described by one of our Design Engineers, Rocky Vinciguerra – this 55′ tall, 25′ wide, 90′ long structure had to be moved with the greatest of care.

“Suppose you want to move a cake… you have to have a nice, strong plate underneath of it.  We built a ‘plate’ underneath the house, and we’re moving it like a fragile cake from one location to another.”




Please feel free to contact us for more information on Structural Design and Engineering – we look forward to speaking with you!

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